Britannic's particulars (Liverpool - December 8, 1915)

LENGTH (o.a) 882ft (269m)
GROSS TONNAGE 48.158tons
NET TONNAGE 24,592tons
BEAM 94ft (28.6m)
HEIGHT 104ft (31.7m)  Note: From keel to navigating bridge
DEPTH (molded) 64.3ft (19.6m)
DRAFT (loaded) 34.7ft (10.5m)
# OF BULKHEADS 16 Note: Five of them were extended up to B-deck,40ft (12.2m) from the waterline
ENGINES Two inverted direct acting triple expansion engines. One low pressure turbine driving center aft
POWER Engines:16.000 (x2) IHPTurbine:18.000 SHP Total:50.000 HP
SPEED 21 knots Note: without using reserve power
ACCOMMODATION 1st class:790 2nd Class:836 3rd Class:953 Crew:950 Total:3.529


Other figures

LIFEBOATS(RMS/HMHS) 48:46 open (2 with motor and wireless) ,34ft(10.4m) long+2 cutters,26ft(8m)long/56:42open (2 with motor and wireless) + 16 collapsibles
ACCOMMODATION(HMHS) Crew:675 RAMC:Off.52 Ord.336 Nurses:101 Patients:3309 Total:4473
ENGINE WEIGHT 990tons Note: The largest afloat.
TURBINE WEIGHT 490tons Note: The largest afloat.
BOILERS 29 (105 tons each)



Simon Mills-"Britannic-The Last Titan"