Know the Finasteride Dosage for the Condition You are Treating

If you are buying finasteride you will find that there are two finasteride dosage that are available.  The first finasteride dosage is 5mg which is used for treating prostate enlargement, whereas the other finasteride dosage is 1mg which is used for treating hair loss or male pattern baldness.  If you have any of the two conditions, it is necessary that you know the finasteride dosage that you are buying so you can achieve proper and more efficient treatment.

The finasteride dosage of 5mg is sold under the brand name Proscar.  The finasteride dosage of 1mg is sold under the brand name Propecia.  If you have been using any of these branded medications and want to switch to using generic because of the high cost of branded medications, it is important that you know the finasteride dosage that you need to buy as the main difference between the treatment drug for the two ailments – benign prostatic hyperplasia and male pattern baldness – is the finasteride dosage.  Again, the finasteride dosage for treating prostate enlargement is 5mg, whereas the finasteride dosage for treating hair loss is 1mg.

The drug finasteride was basically engineered by Merck, one of the giants in pharmaceutics.  Merck initially created finasteride for treating prostate enlargement.  However, as they were doing clinical testing on the drug, reports came in of a seemingly beneficial side effect.  As it turned out, some of those participating in the clinical testing of the drug with prostate enlargement also had hair loss from androgenic alopecia.  Reports came in that they noticed a significant improvement in the status of their hair and that their hair loss issue has greatly decreased.  The report was not a remotely unique one as nearly every one with male pattern baldness has reported of this effect.

Merck tried to find out what this side effect was as this may solve hair loss treatment forever.  As it turned out, the drug finasteride that they engineered also happened to treat male pattern baldness at the same time.  Through testing, they found that it takes less dosage to treat male pattern baldness than it is to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia.  Thus, the finasteride dosage difference between the two conditions were established – finasteride dosage 5mg and finasteride dosage 1mg.  If you are suffering from any of the two, you need to know your finasteride dosage, especially when you are buying generic.

If you want to buy finasteride, you can buy finasteride either from your local pharmacy or you can also buy finasteride online.  Most people, or men, these days buy their finasteride medication treatment online because not only do they get savings from buying generic, but they also get additional savings when they buy their treatment drugs online.  The truth is that you will have no problem finding online merchants that sell finasteride online as there are really plenty of them.  Possibly, the only problem you will encounter is choosing which online merchant you would like to transact with due to the numbers of finasteride online merchants available.